Our Capabilities

Dry Blending

Addipel utilizes a range of state-of-the-art mixing equipment to produce highly-dispersed powder additive blends.

Our powder blends can help streamline your operations and improve profitability:

Reduce "profit leakage" by eliminating operator error in blending and weigh-up
• Multiple (5+) component formulations
• Avoid weigh-up errors

Reduce rejected lots due to quality errors by ensuring proper dispersion of minor additives
• Very low-loading additives are often the most consequential aspect of blending or the  “secret sauce” in the formulation

Simplify ordering, stocking, forecasting, and production
• Material resource planning only has to order and add one product instead of several single components, including staging and stocking

Eliminate the need to stage, fill, and utilize multiple hoppers

Save on internal blending and cleanup labor costs

Improve material handling, housekeeping, and operator safety