Maroon Group Opens West Coast Office

October 23, 2019

Maroon Group, a North American distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients, is excited to announce the opening of a West Coast office in Los Angeles, California. To support its legacy customers and commercial teams that are embedded on the West Coast, Maroon Group expands its operations across North America.

"We have a deep base of customers on the West Coast that we've had the privilege of serving for many years," Mike McKenna, President and COO of Maroon Group, said. "This development strengthens our footprint across all of our markets and supports our aspiration of providing an improved level of service for our customers and principal partners. This is one of many strategic investments across North America that we're making to expand our portfolio of specialty chemicals and ingredients and drive value for our customers."

About Maroon Group
Maroon Group,, is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients across North America. Based in Avon, Ohio, Maroon Group has thrived on creating success for customers by forming partnerships with leading manufacturers and supplying consistent products on time. Customers in the CARE, CASE, HI&I, Plastics, Specialty Intermediates, and Canadian markets have come to rely on Maroon Group's technical sales team, exceptional customer service, and global sourcing capabilities.