Addipel Moves to New Headquarters, Expands Production Facility

December 6, 2019

Addipel, a manufacturer of custom additive powdered blends and 100% active, non-dust blends, is excited to announce its new headquarters and production facility in Elyria, Ohio. As capacity and warehousing needs have grown exponentially over the past 11 years, Addipel re-located from Avon Lake to Elyria to satisfy its current requirements with space for future growth. The new 40,000 square foot warehouse and production facility is complete with in-house ribbon blenders, high speed mixers, compaction mills, and custom packaging services.

As an independent supplier, Addipel is able to utilize raw materials from any source. Addipel also offers a wide range of materials that can be formulated and processed including UV absorbers, HALS, antioxidants, slip aids, lubricants / waxes, mineral fillers, flame retardants, anti-blocks, anti-static agents, clarifiers, nucleating agents, heat stabilizers, metal powders, and plastic resins.

"We are very excited about the re-location of our Headquarters and Production Facility," Jake Reichard, General Manager of Addipel, said. "Not only does the move immediately help with warehousing and production space, but also gives us room to add additional capacity for years to come. We have made significant investments to expand capacity via new production equipment and building up our operations team to deliver the value of Addipel that our customers have come to expect. Our ISO certified facility and formulation expertise on custom developed blends for our customers are providing a competitive advantage for our customers and our suppliers."

About Addipel
Addipel,, a Maroon Group company, is a manufacturer of custom additive powdered blends; 100% active, non-dust blends often referred to as one-pack systems; and polyamide heat stabilizer packages. A wide range of formulated products are available for customers in the plastics, adhesives, coatings, aerospace, automotive, rubber, and composites industries. Founded in 2008 to provide a value-add service to customers in the plastics industry, Addipel focuses on its fundamentals as a service-oriented manufacturer of custom products. We manage our business by the metrics of consistent products, consistent delivery, and consistent supply.